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Kate's Second Hand Dress, Paris Fashion Week, Plans For Leicester + More

Duchess Kate surprised us all last month wearing a grey coat dress by defunct label Jesire for her first official solo engagement at the National Portrait Gallery. Fashionistas were eager to get their hands on the dress and curious to find out where the Duchess had purchased the dress. The talented people at Grazia have found the answer! 

Kate sourced the dress from a second hand dress agency close to her home in Berkshire called The Stock Exchange. The store sells nearly new designer clothing. Staff at the store revealed it was purchased for Kate by an assistant
"She bought the Jesire dress form here. We remember having it in and were really excited when we saw Kate on tv wearing it. None of the Middletons have ever come into the store though, so Kate must have a secret shopper."


Last night McQueen showcased their Autumn/Winter RTW collection at Paris Fashion Week. The show was hugely anticipated by Kate fans hoping to get a glimpse into Kate's possible wardrobe choices for next season.

Looking at the collection I could not see Kate wearing any of these pieces without serious alteration.....

Sarah Burton described the collection as 'a beautiful future, positivity, optimism'. What do you think? You can watch the video on The Alexander McQueen site.


We haven't seen Kate wear many Stella McCartney pieces thus far, but I expect we could see this change in 2012. McCartney unveiled her A/W collection at PFW this week. It is being hailed as her finest work yet. It's been an amazing year for the designer who landed the plum job of designing the British Olympic team's uniforms. As you all know, Kate is an ambassador for London 2012, therefore Kate wearing a Stella piece would seem quite fitting.

Striking blues and high necks were a prominent feature of the collection. Both favourite's of Kate's.


Yet another magazine cover for Kate this week. OK magazine features a photo of Kate from the day before the royal wedding. I doubt Kate ever expected simply holding her hand over her stomach would lead to the photo being used for endless pregnancy speculation stories.


The schedule for tomorrow's royal visit to Leicester has been released via the BBC (With thanks to the incredibly kind WhatKateWore)

It's going to be a busy day tomorrow for the royals. Preparations have been under way in Leicester all week. A look at the finished Queens table at St Martins House where the trio will enjoy a private lunch. 

A big screen TV is already set up outside St Martins giving crowds a chance to view the visit with ease.

De Montfert University holding their rehearsals today.

BBC's Anne Davies testing one of the Royal chairs :)

A map showing the locations Kate will visit tomorrow.

There is obviously an incredible buzz in Leicester at the moment. The visit looks like an exciting one. It's wonderful to see Kate playing an important part in the beginning of the UK Diamond Jubilee tour. Follow Jubilee Tour Via Twitter for all the latest updates.

Please feel free to comment and discuss the upcoming event on the blog or on the Duchess Kate Facebook Page. See you all tomorrow :)

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  1. I am so excited about tomorrow I can barely wait. I live in the US so I unfortunately won't get any extensive BBC coverage of this. We do have BBC America, but I doubt they will cover it. Do you know if the BBC website will have any extensive video of it or of any place online I could go watch the events of the day unfold (after the fact of course). I look forward to seeing what Kate and the Queen will be wearing.

  2. Excellent post as usual. I love the Jesiré coat and I've seen that some items are available on Ebay..I'm looking forward for Kate's next engagement and your next post off course! Have a great evening from Italy.
    Alice ^_^

    PS: I wrote a new post about Kate low price fashion choises ;-)

  3. Cant wait to see what Kate wears

  4. Looking forward to seeing what she wears tomorrow!

    That's so cool her dress was second hand!! :D I shop second hand like 50% of the time! ;)

  5. Oh I can't wait to see what the Duchess is wearing tomorrow. From the hat designed by Lady Gaga's hat maker to the beautiful dress & shoes. What ever she wears she will look beautiful. I beleive she will be careful tough not to out shine the queen.
    Any news on when her Prince will be home and if they will take time out for some private time togehter before all the olympic & traveling stuff starts. They deserve special time together since her Prince has been gone for awhile.
    Thanks for this great blog. It is one of the best out there. You do take care of the Kate fans.

  6. Pauline - Thank you for your kind comments. Still no confirmed date of William's return but I'm sure he and Kate will enjoysome private time when he returns.

    Alice - I love your blog, I'll check now :)

    Bekah - It is a very interesting story although I've never heard of Kate using an assistant before, I'll do a little more research to ensure it's true.

    Jackie - I'm hoping Kate wears her hair up, we could see a new designer!

    Rachel - Rachel unfortunately live coverage in the US doesn't seem to be available. However I will post videos from events throughout the day as they come in on the blog, I'm planning a rather large post for tomorrow and above one of the photos I will link to available videos :)
    Just leave me a comment if you have any difficult viewing any of them and we'll get it sorted. I'm expecting a lot of video coverage tomorrow.

  7. Well if you find out anything, let us know! :)

  8. Kudos to the Duchess of Cambridge for staying with her practical, comparatively inexpensive wardrobe choices! I think it a sensible path for her and her handlers to take, considering the economic situation in the UK and around the world, not to mention the economic situations of many Britons. I admire that although she could afford to wear a new designer ensemble every time she's photographed, she chooses to stay practical and "shop her closet" and wear stylish yet relatively affordable fashion.

  9. your posts are always fascinating - thanks so much - rather hard to get info here in Australia so I rely on you to keep me in the loop.

  10. I agree the Duchess does not use a assistant to purchase her clothes. And who cares if she purchased this dress from a consignment store. It was beautiful. People do not care that there are hard times in the UK, and if the Duchess spent thousands of dollars on a dress, shoes etc. the press would have a field day that she was spending too much money. So no matter whatever she does no body is happy. Give the Duchess a break.

  11. I am also from the states, South Bend IN, USA And won't be able to enjoy all the fun and excitement in person or by television. I appreciate all the hard work on your part! Thank-you for what you do for all of us. After a hard day at teaching school. I look forward logging on to see how beautiful Catherine looked. Hopefully, William got a couple of pictures. Robin

  12. I'm so excited for today!! Can't wait! Have to find myself something to do to speed up the time...:)

  13. Thank you for all your lovely comments! The royals will be arriving in Leicester in one hour :)

  14. Couldn't you just see Kate wearing that blue Stella McCartney dress with the blue suede and lace shoes Kate picked at Leicester?


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