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List of gifts given to Kate on tour published, Memory stick Stolen from Middletons, Billion pound Duchess and more

Hello Kate fans,
Unfortunately no photos surfaced from Kate's birthday. I believe she enjoyed a quiet celebration with family. However the Duchess is making the headlines as always and there are some interesting stories I would like to share with you. I imagine many of you have heard about the scandal that has arisen because Sophie, Countess of Wessex accepted jewels from Bahrain. In the wake of this the Palace has published an official list of gifts given to the Duchess of Cambridge on her overseas tours. (With thanks to Caryse)

  • Black Jacket - The City of Calgary
  • Necklace
  • Ladies blue hat
  • Tartan fascinator
  • Wooden heart box with charm bracelet
  • Necklace
  • Brown Ash basket
  • Two Wicker flower baskets
  • Necklace and earrings
  • Peacock feather fascinator
  • Knitted prayer shawl
  • Hand painted scarf
  • Rag doll
  • Dress and Jacket
  • Porcelain doll
  • Two hand knitted woollen scarves
  • Blue hat - Minister of Alberta Health and Wellness
  • Three pairs of shoes - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada
  • Brooch - Premier of the Northwest Territories
  • Framed Canadian stamp presentation and book - President, Canada post
  • White metal brooch - Royal 22e Regiment, Quebec
  • Selection of dresses
  • Commemorative medallion - 12 wing Shearwater, Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Two T - Shirts and three CDs - Blueprintforlife.ca
  • Two black hooded jumpers - Calgary rotary challenge park
  • Box of mailed correspondence - Canada Post
  • Games board and pieces - Canadian equerry
  • Leather bound invitation : Parks Canada - Chief executive Officer, Parks Canada.

  • Framed collage - Children at Sainte Justine hospital
  • Book - Class 876, Hillside Middle School
  • Boxed book - Commissioner, Royal Canadian mounted police
  • Five T - Shirts and fanion - Deputy fire Chief, Lesser slave Regional Fire Service
  • Set of Commemorative coins - Education officer, IODE Canada
  • Book - Executive Director, Japanese Canadian Culture Centre
  • Two certificate's, two chef's jackets and four plates - General Director, Institut de Tourisme et d'Hotellerie
  • Quilt - Governor General of Canada
  • Commemorative album - Governor General of Canada
  • Framed Fascimile, First treaty concluded between the first nations of Canada - Grand Chief of the Huron - Wendat nation
  • Books and selections of CDs and DVDs - High Commissioner for Canada
  • Three red hockey jerseys - Hockey teams at Somba K'e civic plaza
  • Wooden humidor
  • Fabric Wall Hanging
  • Bottle of Icewine
  • Book and selection of Canadian souvenirs
  • Soft toy
  • Two children's drawings
  • Book
  • Selection of hats
  • Two shoulder bags
Other notable items include

  • Three printed poems
  • Aboriginal  bronze
  • Dog toy
  • Two recipe books
  • Two mosquito traps
  • ipad
To read the full list please visit the Prince of Wales website Here. I've always wondered what type of gifts royals received while on tours. It would appear the gifts William and Kate are received are mainly keepsakes rather than insanely expensive jewels. It's obvious a huge amount of thought went into these gifts and mosquito traps? Well it's an individual gift to say the least :)


The Leveson Inquiry has been bringing some shocking stories to light. Yesterday it was revealed two men who stole Pippa Middletons memory stick from her car in 2008 and attempted to sell photos of William and Kate to The Sun for £25,000. The editor was instantly suspicious and handed the stick over to the police. The paper has since turned down photos of Kate shopping in Tesco. It's quite alarming to hear these stories and no doubt a very upsetting time for the Middleton family.


We all know the impact Kate has had for stores like Reiss. All she needs to do is be seen in one of their items and there site crashes. However I was not aware that Kate has given the economy a boot of £1 billion (Yes 1 Billion) According to a new report, sales of nude tights have increased by 65 percent. Replica's of Kate's engagement ring have become bestsellers with M&S reporting it is their best selling piece of jewellery ever. Sales of nude heels have sky rocketed. I do believe our Duchess could save the British high street from recession :)


While there are currently no upcoming engagements scheduled for Kate I am hopeful we will see her on a few occasions before William is posted to the Falklands.

Finally the Duchess looks radiant on the current issue of Hello.


Sources (Hello, The guardain, Prince of wales .gov.uk, WKW facebook)


  1. Hate how intrusive people are, she has already dedicated her life to making public appearances- that should be enough! Love to see her wearing some of the items she was given, the tartan fascinator especially! haha


  2. It is simply terrible to think the memory stick was stolen with the intention of selling personal photos.

    Thankfully the inquiry is opening up all this.

  3. I'm sort of glad we didn't get pictures of her birthday. For popular young royals like William and Catherine, it's nothing short of a coup. LOL.

  4. I do agree, It's important they get as much privacy as possible. Hoping Clarence House will announce an engagement for them shortly :)

  5. Oh definitely, Duchess Kate. As much as I want them to enjoy their private time, I can't get enough of them when they're "on duty". And considering the recent news about Catherine's charities, I have a feeling it won't be too long before she pays a visit to one of them.

  6. I had never heard of kate until her engagement to Will was announced (now i visit your site everyday :)). it seems that she had been photographed much more "pre- engagement" , than she is now that she is married. i didn't know if this was a purposeful maneuver on her behalf , is she more sleuth- y ? or is the press just not stalking her out as much?

  7. RoyalFan - The palace said she would be conducting visits to the charities within the next eight weeks, hopefully sooner :)

    Bonnieux - It's interesting actually, Kate was photographed by the press constantly pre engagement. Since the engagement some manner of agreement has been made with the press and the royals in order to avoid another Diana situation.

  8. I saw those pics of Kate in Tesco, and they were taken from very high up, which made me think they were probably from Tesco's own security cameras. Not cool!

    I wish that fact about the 'Kate effect' on the retail economy was more widely known, especially to all the people who begrudge the royal family their civil list payments (or minimal expenses, as they should be known!). Great post, as ever! xxx

  9. Thank you for your lovely comment Mrs Exeter, What Kate is doing for Britain in terms of retail, tourism is fantastic.

  10. Please give us the link for the "Kate has given the economy a boost of £1 billion (Yes 1 Billion) According to a new report" ? thanks.

  11. No problem. :) http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/67289/Billion-Pound-Girl-Kate-Middleton-Gives-A-Serious-Boost-To-The-UK-Economy


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