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Kate to team up with the Queen, Grey hair rumours, how she's coming of age and More

In exciting news it is being widely reported Kate will team up with the Queen for a series of royal engagements next month. With William's upcoming trip to the Falklands I had feared we wouldn't be seeing the Duchess during that time. A royal source said

'This is a sign of how close the Queen and her new granddaughter in law have become. Her Majesty is extremely fond of Catherine and wants to do all she can to support her in what is an important year'.

The pair teamed up earlier last summer to open the exhibition at Buckingham Palace.

Duchess Kate is always in the news whether it's discussing an upcoming engagement or a truly ridiculous rumour spreading like wildfire across the tabloids. However some very fine pieces have been written about Kate in the press in the last couple of days (equally some not so complimentary), I would like to share one of the stories and insights with you. Beginning with a story by the Daily Mail  entitled 'How Kate is coming of age'.

The article begins with the usual ageist remark one can expect from a tabloid Rarely can a woman facing 30 truly say her life is just becoming. It's one of those milestones made more bearable by a stiff gin and tonic'. In Kate's case this is certainly not the case as I am quite sure it's going to be another wonderful year for the Duchess. It goes on to discuss the fact that Kate is supposedly using organic hair dye to hide onset grey hairs and how Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (and the media) are beginning to refer to her as 'Duchess Doolittle' because she only undertook 34 engagements this year. I do think referring to the future Queen in that manner is quite terrible. Kate has performed each royal duty she has been asked to with ease, grace and poise. It is obviously the Queen's decision to ease her in slowly. 

It also reports that while William is away in the Falklands, Kate will use this time to launch herself into solo work. 'It's a natural moment for her to step out on her own'. I enjoyed the personal insights included in the post. Kate does all the cooking for her and William and her own grocery shopping. (In Waitrose on Kensington High Street) She has continued to refuse the offer of a dresser, stylist or lady in waiting.

 However William has eleven people in his office and Kate has had help from there. Twenty something Rebecca Deacon has been working for William and Harry since 2007. Since the engagement she has been assisting Kate. Introducing her to right people, carrying flowers, holding her handbag etc. The couple also have a private secretary. 

Despite her high profile role, Kate is still eager to live a normal life. Looking forward to a quiet low key celebration with family on friends for her birthday. One source said 

'She just loves being William's wife. It's as simple as that'.

I couldn't think of a better summary of Kate.

I found this piece quite interesting too, Ten Ways Kate Has Changed Our Lives, including pulling on a pair of tights and frugal fashion :)

I'm very excited to see what Kate wears to the 'War Horse' premiere today. Will she stick with the trusted McQueen, Packham, Temperly, Wakeley foursome or try someone new. I'm sure she will look stunning whatever she chooses.

On a side note, As I love blogging so much I've started a secondary blog, 'The Royal Digest'. Basically it will comprise of one daily post on the goings on of royalty around the world. However I will not be including William and Kate in it, (I'll be saving all the news for this blog as always :))

I'll see you all tomorrow night :)

sources (daily mail, the sun)


  1. Hello. How are you??? I am here again to read about everything new about the most beautiful couple :-).
    And to say that I sent a Christmas Card for them (thank you to share de address) and on the last day of 2011 I receive a card in response of the card I sent to them. This simple gesture made me very happy and now I show everybody the card I received. Yesterday I sent another card (Birthday Card to Duchess) hope she see it and like it.



  2. Hello Michele,

    I'm simply delighted you received a card back, I believe a photo of Kate on Canada day is used.

    I expect you'll be getting another one soon :)

  3. I hope we get to see Kate on her birthday, and it's great to hear the Queen is taking her under her wing - who would be more appropiate? She has done her part wonderfully and has certainly been a popular Queen, which no doubt Kate will be one day!

  4. I agree completely Soph, the Queen is the ideal mentor for Kate.

  5. Your post was wonderful,as usual!
    May I ask you where you found the quote "She just loves being William's wife. It's as simple as that"?
    And Michelle,are you from England?
    I want to send her a letter to but I'm not from England,and I was wondering whether they answer or not!

  6. Anoyntmous the quotecame via a royal source from the Daily Mail.

    I believe the palace try to reply to all letters and cards :)

  7. Duchess of Dolittle hahah:D
    I looooove Kate, but wouldn't we all want to see her more often?;)
    Every day I check up on your blog, good work, hope you keep it up.
    Kate looks absolutely stunning today at the premiere, the most beautiful gown I've seen on her so far.

  8. "Kate has performed each royal duty she has been asked to with ease, grace and poise."

    Sorry, but you must have been sleeping through a whole lot of Duchess Doolittle's royal duties this year. "Ease, grace, and poise"? What about when she flashed her as-good-as-bare bottom with an inappropriate dress in Calgary? What about when her hair overwhelmed her on the same trip and all she could do was grapple with her hair and her wildly flying skirt? That was graceful? What about that horrible military outfit worth thousands that she wore to greet the riot victims? What about every time she opens her mouth and insipid words come out? The Unicef interview in Denmark and the school visit ("Oh, do you make the calculations?") and the Faberge Egg comment to the Queen are a few that come to mind.

    I could go on and on with Waity's awkward moments of 2011, but the point I'm trying to make is that she's often NOT graceful, she works at poise but often just looks awkward, and NONE of this comes easy for her -- again, demonstrated by awkward constant hand-wringing, inappropriate hands always fussing with her hair, awkward and unintelligent comments, and always licking her lips. She really needs to go back to Grade 1 for those so-called princess lessons if she's ever going to have the "poise" you claim.

  9. Thank you for your comment. I do disagree and feel Kate has performed wonderfully at each royal engagement and I wasn't asleep during any of the engagements :)

  10. Lol anonymous, I believe you are indeed quite jealous of this woman. I , for one, dont think she needs to do anymore than she is doing, at the time. If william, wanted her to do more, he would make that apparent, and right now she doesnt need to be thrust into the spotlight, to be used by the Royal Family for the own means, as Diana was. Im sure William is going to move her to Scotland where they can live a quiter life, and have a family. There are many other family members who can make these little social visits, where they stay maybe 30 minutes or less. And I suppose, the Queen has NEVER said anything inappropiate?


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