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Kate loves: Travel and News Kate Is In The Caribbean

In surprising news, It is being widely reported Duchess Kate is currently enjoying a holiday on the private Island of Mustique. Kate was spotted on a British Airways flight at London's Gatwick Airport on Wednesday with her family, Mike, Carole, James and Pippa Middleton. Kate was also accompanied by royal protection officers. It is understood Prince William did not join them but plans to fly out imminently after he finishes his weekly shifts as an RAF search and rescue pilot in Anglesey. The holiday will be a chance for the couple to spend some quiet time together before William is deployed to the Falklands next month. St James' Palace refused to comment stating 'We do not comment on the Duke and Duchess' private life'. 

The Middleton family are regular visitors to Mustique. The breathtaking Island was first put on the map in the 1960s when it's owner Lord Glenconner, gave Princess Margaret a ten acre plot of land as a wedding present. The family normally stay in a five bedroomed rented cliff top villa with its own infinity pool. The cost of staying in Mustique? A luxurious villa could set one back £15,000 a week.


With Kate holidaying in Mustique it's the perfect time for the next addition to our 'Kate loves' series. This entry is dedicated to Kate's love of travel and the Duchess has certainly visited some beautiful locations. William and Kate's love of skiing has seem them take numerous trips over the years. In March 2007 the couple visited the Swiss Alps.

In March 2010 the couple spent a week skiing in Courchevel in the French Alps. This was rumoured to be a very exciting time for the couple who were spotted on chairlifts, playing chase and enjoying pancakes and mulled wine at the local restaurant. 

The pair both lovely their skiing and William is very competent however Kate is even better. Onlookers said the Prince did very well to keep up with her :)

Couchevel is one of the most popular skiing destinations in Europe. Four bedroom chalets  with a hot tub and steam room are available throughout the year. Let's take a look at the 'White Eagle' chalet.

One could only describe the decor in 'White Eagle' as incredible. Combining comfort with a spacious, modern feel. One could quite easily forget about the slopes and relax in here :)

You can visit the website and find all booking details Here.


When one thinks of the Cambridge's vacationing. Their honeymoon destination is the first place that comes to mind. Kate first joined William there for a romantic break in July 2007. The couple had just got back together after a brief split and are said to have discussed a long term future together during this trip. Kate was photographed looking lovely in a summer dress at Gatwick Airport. The lovebirds checked in under the names Martin and Rosemary Middleton. 

 The couple enjoyed relaxing boat trips and lobster meals at the resort's ocean view restaurant.

During their honeymoon the couple rented a £4,000 a night villa. The view was reportedly spectacular and the remote location allowed for complete privacy. 


I think Kate will never forget her trip to Kenya in the autumn of 2010. While staying in an isolated log cabin off the beaten track, Prince William proposed. The simple surroundings were a world away from life at Kensington with no electricity and very modest rooms. Kate said yes and the couple enjoyed a bottle of champagne. Surrounded by elephants, buffalo and leopards Kate described the break as as 'so wonderful and very romantic'. This trip was very William and Kate, understated and relaxed.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love this post. Love the decor in the swiss alps chalet.

  2. Oh thank you so much. The chalet is simply gorgeous, amazing decor.

  3. I think it's wonderful that they will continue to enjoy holidays with the Middleton family. I admire how close they are.

    And thank you for the lovely pictures. I'm not sure whether I'd prefer to be on that beach or in the chalet by the fire. Lol. Perhaps a week in each location??? ;)

  4. I think one could spend quite a while in each location, It's been pretty much confirmed William will be joining Kate and the Middletons very shortly :)

  5. Thank you so much for this post! The locations and everything are all so beautiful... i have to admit i'm a bit jealous haha!

  6. Kate is very lucky, beautiful locations! :)

  7. I love your blog!! Thank you for providing a trustworthy source for all things will and Kate. They are a glamorous couple without being too flashy. Kate always looks beautiful and its nice to see you can be pretty and conservitive. Unlike most celebs Kate and will actually seem real. Keep up the great work!

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment Jax :)

  9. The locations are wonderful!! I love especially the villa of their honeymoon!!!:)


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