Monday, 23 January 2012

Kate Loves: Sports + William Joins Kate in Mustique

When Duchess Kate jetted off to Mustique the press had a field day with headlines from 'Divorce Lawyers Being Lined Up' to 'Kate leaves William behind'. Rest assured there was nothing to worry about :) Prince William reportedly flew from Gatwick on Saturday to join Kate and the Middleton family. Just a couple of days after Kate left. A source said Kate has been seen in a blue and white bikini. 

The couple enjoying a previous holiday in Mustique in 2008. (With thanks to Kate Middleton info)


Next up in our 'Kate loves' series is sports. Kate has always been athletic and has participated in a number of sports since her school days. Aged nine Kate was the highest scorer for her rounders team.

Kate excelled on the school hockey team.

Kate's tall frame made her first choice as goal defence for the netball team.

As Kate approached her twenties rowing became a great love of hers. She was often photographed training with her team early after nights out. No doubt her dedication to rowing has helped her acquire her fabulous figure.

In 2007 Kate's team rowed on the Thames.

The Duchess regularly enjoys a game of tennis with William, the two enjoy the sport and are reportedly competitive in a very light hearted sense.

Kate is also a huge fan of professional tennis and has attended matches at Wimbledon numerous times. Love this photo.

Proving keeping fit does not mean spending time in expensive gyms, Kate enjoyed cycling to work at Party Pieces in 2008.

Last September William and Kate were photographed leaving London's Harbour Club Gym. And yes Kate even looks good after a workout :)

The Harbour Club is generally acknowledged as the finest gym in London, ranking amongst the best in the world. Facilities include a waterfall swimming pool, pilates studio, spinning studio and the fitness room which comprises of the most modern equipment available. There is also a bar and restaurant available.

Sources (Daily Mail, London's Harbour Club, Zimbio, Tumblr)


  1. I like these posts! I find them quite interesting. :) Good idea! :)

  2. Thank you Bekah, with the lack of actual news I'm trying to get my thinking cap on :)

  3. I think it is so great that Kate can go off with her family for a trip with William joining them later. Much has been reported in the past about how royal brides are isolated from their families once they marry into the family. This trip is evidence that William and Kate are doing things their own way. It is wonderful that Kate's parents are remaining close to her and William. And, it is great that William is joining them because that shows how close he his to Kate's family.

  4. Completely agreed Rachel, It's almost a tradition for the Middleton family to go to Mystique and I'm glad that hasn't changed.

  5. Thank you for your comment Rosario :)

  6. I think Rachel summed it up beautifully. :)

  7. I bet! It would be lovely if some pics showed up from this vacation... but won't count on that. :)

  8. very beautiful pict....lovely,God Blessing you..

  9. The Duchess Kate is so gorgeous in all aspects and they look so good with Dutch William. What a lovely couple. They must have enjoyed their holidays at cotton house Mustique so much.

  10. I think your awesome this pic i really cool I love this couple.


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