Friday, 9 December 2011

William and Kate collectables, Royal Christmas card, Why Madonna admires Kate and more

I have plenty of interesting tidbits to share with you for tonight's post. As we are officially getting into the swing of Christmas (With thanks to my boyfriend for making the Christmas header) retailers are releasing some amazing William and Kate collectables. As part of their 'Dickens' Village series', Department 56 have introduced a miniature 'Anglesey Cottage' made of porcelain for $64.95. If you wish you can purchase it here. (With many thanks to the very talented Molly and Jennifer)
The Dickens cottage also comes with figurines of the royal couple, 'A Fairytale Romance'. The figurines depict the couple dressed in clothing from Dickens time, With William sporting rather red hair. :) They are available for $19.95 here. Both of these pieces are certainly collectors items and a beautiful addition for fans of the young royals.

I assume all of you have put up your Christmas trees, for those of you who would like a Kate inspired bauble, (Yes a bauble :)) there is now one available. Royal Crown Derby has produced an £85 bauble made of porcelain to commemorate the couple's first Christmas together. It is described as

"To celebrate the couples first Christmas Royal Crown Derby has produced this delightful oval decoration. Displaying the ornately intertwined initials of Catherine and William on the front with the inscription "Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, 29 April 2011 Hand finished in 22ct gold and giftboxed. Limited edition of 1500".

Royal Christmas cards are a much loved tradition, the photos chosen are eagerly anticipated and none more so than William and Kate's first card as a married couple. I was very disappointed to read that the couple have decided not to make their first joint card public. (It is possible one will be made public but not officially) I expect the couple have chosen a photo from the wedding with Prince Charles chosen the one below for his official Christmas card this year.

The Royal Family's Christmas cards contain signatures with a photograph and have a royal insignia on the outside. Very interesting info and photos here.

Charles and Diana's card from 1986.

Kate wore a lovely Stella McCartney dress to Prince Philip's birthday dinner, the dress had first been seen on Madonna three years ago. The coincidence did not go unnoticed by the Queen of pop who has been singing Kate's praises.

"She is a lovely girl with a great sense of style. She's elegant and still knows how to have some fun. I'm a fan of her style. She developed a style and stuck with it whether people were interested or not. I admire her individuality".

Madonna made some interesting points about Kate's style and I'm delighted to see her getting recognition from someone like the material girl. :)

It has been said that Kate could single handedly save British fashion from recession as almost everything she wears sells out. The Duchess has certainly done wonders for Mulberry. It was announced that sales at the label have increased by 44%. Mulberry has 86 stores worldwide and plans to open nine more next year. New creative director Emma Hill has been doing a splendid job and with Kate being frequently photographed wearing their pieces we will continue to see the brand soar.

Finally, No official word on Kate's next appearance apart from Christmas day, however photos do turn up out of the blue so fingers crossed :)


  1. New header~ cute! I like! :D

    I love those collectable ornaments, but especially the cottage! What a delightful addition to my toy village it would make... *Dreamy look*

    I love Kate in red. And I think it's great she isn't afraid to "try out" other famous people's styles!

    Will definitely be hoping for another appearance from Kate real soon! :D

  2. Bekah - Thank you! I just read over at WKW that McQueen sent over a selection of dresses to look at and she didn't choose one from them!

  3. Wow, really?!?! That's interesting! :)

  4. There was a nice little article about Kate in this week's issue of Hello, by the way! :)

  5. Thanks for the link to the Royal Christmas cards. Was fun to look through. I find it somewhat sad that the Queen Mum!s personal Xmas cards to her grandson are up for sale. Makes me think the David on the cards from Prince Charles are from him to Viscount Linley too. I wonder how these 'family' cards got on the market? From Lee

  6. Lee - At first I thought it was a website displaying the various Christmas cards over the years, When I realised they were personally written to someone, I too thought it was quite sad. One would imagine one of these cards would be a treasured item.

    Thank you for your interesting comment Lee.


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