Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Three upcoming engagements announced, Where Kate shopped today, Kate's boots ID's and more

I have excellent news regarding 'Kate sightings' with three upcoming engagements planned. I had read we would not be seeing the Duchess until Christmas at Sandringham, luckily that rumour is completely false. Next Monday, December 19th William, Kate and Harry will attend the The Sun Military Awards. Just two weeks ago Royal aides said they were undecided about whether or not the young royal would attend due to controversy surround News International and the Leveson Inquiry. (I'm sure you all heard about the phone hacking scandal) After much consideration aides decided the soldiers, sailmen and airmen honoured would be 'let down' if the Cambridge's and Harry did not attend.

On December 21st William and Kate will make a special visit to Centrepoint an organization that helps homeless people aged 18-25. This is a cause close to William's heart. As children he and Harry made private visits to Centrepoint with Diana, who was a patron from 1992. Again, we see William taking on his mother's role and sharing it with Kate. On their visit the couple will take part in a healthy cooking lesson and take in a performace of 'Centrepoint's got talent'. Looking forward to this one in particular, So close to Christmas it will give members of the organisation a much needed morale boost.

On January 8th the Cambridge's will attend the premiere of Steven Speilberg's 'War Horse' in Leicester Square. No doubt Kate will choose a fabulous dress for the occasion. Plenty to look forward to. I will be covering them all with a post and photos as soon as they are available.

Speaking of Kate sighting, The Duchess was spotted shopping in the trendy Fifi Wilson in Chelsea. No word on what Kate bought but possibly something for her upcoming appearances? or a Christmas present for Pippa? Their stock is quite youthful and they have brands such as By Malene Birger which Kate loves.

One of Duchess Kate's favourite items has finally been officially ID'd. We often see Kate in her favourite flat black suede boots which up to this point we all thought were the Aquatalia Cookies. Thanks to the investigative work of BellaGet What Kate Wore and Anne Marie the boots have been confirmed as the Russell and Bromley 'Charge it' boots. The boots are unavailable for now but I will let you know if they come back into stock

The 'Charge it' boots

Kate most recently wore them while shopping at Zara.

As you all know early next year William be posted in the Falklands for six weeks, 8,000 miles away from Kate. It has been reported that during this time Charles and Camilla have invited Kate to stay with them. A source said 

"Kate gets on well with the in laws, especially Camilla who is another outsider who has been accepted into the royal family. There is little doubt she will spent time with Charles and Camilla during that time".

It will certainly be interesting to see if this happens. I think it will be a difficult time for Kate being separated from William for so long.

Finally for today, Kate graces the cover of Hello's Christmas edition. Lovely photo.

Sources (Hello, What Kate Wore facebook, Royal Reporter via Twitter) 


  1. Wow, those are almost identical to the Aquatalias! Good eye.

  2. It was spotted by Bella from the Pippa Middleton site and Get What Kate Wore, Anne Marie from What Kate Wore had it confirmed. It's a great find Jane, needless to say I have many posts to edit when I get the time :)

    Hope you are enjoying the holidays! Three Kate appearances to look forward too.

  3. I love your blog so much. You do a fabulous job keeping all of us Kate fans up on the upcoming events. I look forward to seeing what she wears at them.

  4. So glad the Cambridges are going to support the Military Awards - no-one will mistake this for approval for News International I'm sure.

    And its lovely to hear that the DoC is so close to Camilla, who always seems like a super lady. I bet they'll have some fun, and I'd love to be a fly on the wall!

    Once again, you have all the news before anyone else!

  5. Thank you both so much,

    So excited to hear William and Kate are visiting Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu next year for the Queen's jubilee!

  6. Oh that is great news about the "Kate sightings"!!!

    And I have got to get down to the store & see if they have the recent copy of Hello out. Tonight yet, I hope. :D

    Thanks again for all the notes! :)

  7. Bekah - You're very welcome.

    What Kate Wore - Thank you so much, really looking forward to Kate's tour next year!


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