Sunday, 27 November 2011

How William and Kate would look on your wall, royal wedding fragrance, the secret to Kate's smile, fueding stylists and more!

I would like to begin tonight's post by commending Prince William. In the early hours of this morning he co piloted an RAF helicopter which searched for eight sailors who were swept into the sea after their cargo ship, The Swanland sank off the coast of North Wales. Sadly five crew members are still missing, I do hope they are found alive. Flt Lt. William Wales (William's title at work) qualified as a search and rescue pilot in September 2010. Earlier this year he said there are 'hairy' moments involved in his job. It must be very difficult for Kate with William working in such dangerous conditions, like any other wife who has a husband in the forces.

The Swanland

Duchess Kate's hair is one of her most valuable assets, It always looks healthy, shiny and frames her face beautifully. Now the stylists who perfect Kate's hair are fueding. James Pryce who created Kate's stunning demi chignon hairstyle for the royal wedding has left the Richard Ward salon in Chelsea. The salon has been frequented by Kate, Carole and Pippa Middleton for years. James Pryce was creative director at the salon and his departure has caused 'considerable anger'. The question remains who will the Middleton family choose to stay with? Without doubt I expect Kate will go with James, he accompanied her on the tour of Canada and was responsible for her gorgeous hairstyles. 
James now has a facebook page discussing everything hair related, You can visit it here.

Kate leaving the Richard Ward Salon

Hamburg perfumer Kim Weisswange has created 'Royal wedding perfume'. The two scents appropriately named William and Catherine come in the most amazing packaging. Each bottle of perfume includes a locket with a photo of William and Kate in it. William's perfume is described as 'sporty and direct' while Kate's is 'a softer scent, made of rose and magnolia'. I don't know about the perfume but the bottles look like a collectors item :)

The Duchess has an undeniably beautiful smile. How does she keep her pearly whites looking so good? It has been revealed that Kate chose a French dentistry expert whose speciality is creating an imperfect look to mould the mouth into shape. Dentist Didier Filion said

"You know why Kate's teeth look so good? Because they are not perfectly aligned. The problem in the United States is they have a very artificial vision. He did some little micro rotations on Kate Middleton to produce something which is very natural".

This comment by Filier is referring to cosmetic dentistry not regular orthodontia

A photo of William and Kate leaving Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles' convertible Aston Martin on their wedding day is to be included in a photography exhibition and charity auction in aid of Sightsavers. The photo is amazing and the expression on Kate's face is priceless. You can find information on bidding here.

There are so many beautiful pieces being featured in the exhibition, I thought I would share a couple with you. This one is called 'Autumn 2010 at Stourhead' by Matt Cardy.

'Ex Caelo lux: Bulbs' by Loties Davies.

Now to finish off this photo packed post with information on how to get your own framed or box canvas photos of the Duchess. Majesty Magazine has opened up their archive of images. With the festive season approaching perhaps you would like to give someone the gift of a framed photo of the royal couple or as a keepsake for yourself. There is a wonderful collection of photos with everything from the wedding to the tour of Canada. Watermarking and website addresses do not appear on finished products. Prices range from $8 to $140.

Examples of framed images you can order.....

Majesty have gone to the trouble of showing you how one of these photos could look on your wall too :) I love these and rather enjoyed seeing how different photos worked with various rooms.

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  1. That's sad about the ship sinking... :( But I had heard about William being involved in the rescue.

    I'd love to be able to afford a hairstylist. :P

    Can't wear perfume, but those lockets intrigue me, and I'd love to at least know what the perfume smells like! ;)

    As for Kate's teeth, I envy her. My teeth aren't real straight, due to a childhood accident & not being able to afford braces (it's too late to straighten them now). But at least it isn't real noticeable. :) NOTE TO THOSE OF YOU WANTING WHITE TEETH!!! TRY DRINKING GREEN TEA!!! It really does make your teeth whiter~ worked for my teeth! :D

    And those pictures are awesome... :D:D

  2. I just take a peek and I discovered your post. I like it. I love Kate and I admire her. Big thanks for sharing.



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