Friday, 25 November 2011

Duchess Kate's University fashion show dress replica, Get Kate's nails, Iconic dragon boat goes up for auction and more

Hello Duchess Kate fans,

I have a few interesting stories I thought would be of interest to you. When we think of William and Kate's romance one event firmly has a place in our minds. The University fashion show where Kate caught William's eye. Wearing a stunning sheer Charlotte Todd dress, Kate looked like a supermodel. The dress was later sold for £126,000 on March 17 2011.

I was delighted to receive an email today about a replica of the dress also designed by Charlotte Todd going on sale in the US at For those of you in the UK the dress can be purchased at Fashion Babylon. This version is slightly less sheer which makes it more adaptable and wearable for various occasions. I do think it's a beautiful dress. It is available for purchase for $129. 

Kate's nails always look perfectly filed yet so natural. The day before the royal wedding Camilla reportedly organised a final pampering session for Kate with her favourite manicurist Marina Sandoval. Marina desvribed Kate as 'incredibly beautiful in the flesh'. Click Here to see Marina's tips for achieving nails like Kate's 

On November 28th the British Style Awards are taking place and it is entirely possible our favourite Duchess will be crowned the most fashionable icon of all Britain. Kate reflects both the ordinary the extraordinary in terms of style. Whether she's wearing a McQueen gown or a Zara blazer her style is effortless and timeless. I would like to see her win. While the 'fashion elite' would be displeased Kate is the most relatable style icon of our time.

Throughout her University days Kate has always been very athletic. One of her greatest sporting loves is rowing. (We all recall the dragon boat race during the Canada tour :))
Now the Sisterhood rowers are auctioning a dragon boat Kate rowed on the River Thames in 2007. I was delighted to hear the proceeds will be going to a cause close to Kate's heart, Royal Marsden Hospital. I do hope it raises much needed funds for the hospital and the new owner will have a piece of royal history :)

Finally for today, The wonderful ladies at What Kate Wore Facebook  discovered a photo of Kate I have never seen before. It appears to have been taken during her time at University. She is wearing  floor length, low cut black dress which is very similar to the pink Issa dress she wore to the Boodles Boxing Ball. Kate looks stunning in this photo, black really suits her.

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  1. I'm not trying to be rude here, but may seem as such. I just can't help but imagine the tabloid fall out, if Her Royal Highness Katherine 'The Duchess Of Cambridge' ever wore that St Andrews University fashion show dress to an official royal function. I am very certain however that she is never going to do that.


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