Sunday, 9 October 2011

£700 million Royal Baby, New page and more....

Hello Kate watchers!
It has been an incredibly quiet week on the Kate front with the exception of a few stories making the headlines. I was most interested to read today, If William and Kate have a baby girl, she will be the first female to inherit one of the Britain's wealthiest estates, The Duchy of Cornwall. A new change in law gives female heirs equal rights. The Sovreign Grant bill was passed by the House of Lords last week. Personally I think it is high time a bill like this was passed. I have always felt the first born child whether male or female should inherit. It will be interesting to see if William and Kate's first born is a girl (I'm thinking another Diana perhaps :))
Speaking of baby girls, This is one of the first photo's ever taken of baby Kate with her mother Carole, Just adorable!

Given the popularity of the Middleton sisters in the U.S. it was only a matter of time before entertainment channel E! dedicated a True Hollywood Story to them. Royal author Claudia Joseph who was interviewed for the special said "Kate and Pippa have always been incredibly close. You can see the warmth between them, they spend a lot of time together. When William and Kate broke up it was Pippa she went out on the town with".

With the royal couple keeping a low profile it appears cardboard cut outs may have to suffice until their next appearance :)
These excellent cut outs of Kate, William, Harry the Queen and Prince Philip were seen on a balcony in Auckland! What do you all think?

With the dispay of Spring/Summer fashions for 2012 coming to a close, The Daily Mail has quite cleverly photoshopped Kate into some of the outfits giving us a glimpse into Kate's possible wardrobe choices for the coming Spring. It looks quite like a Kate barbie with various outfits for dressing up! :)
Firstly we have Erdem, McQueen and Roskanda Ilinic.

Next we have a gorgeous black and cream Roland Mouret fitted dress, A beautiful Temperly gown and a floral Issa (I'm not sure about Duchess Kate wearing this one :))

I have created a new page for the blog entitled "Where Kate Shops". It is basically a list of Kate's favourite labels/stores with information, contact details, current collections and of course plenty of photo's of Kate. I will be adding more additions to the page in the coming few days and hope to have a fully comprehensive list soon. All input and suggestions greatly appreciated! I think it will be convenient for fans of Kate's style and will also speed up the process of ID'ing Kate's outfits!

I expect we will have a 'Kate sighting' quite soon as photo's tend to surface after a quiet spell. Until then I'll keep you updated with any stories or headlines that may arise!

Enjoy the last of the weekend! :)

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  1. The THS is actually on the 12 wednesday @ 9pm/central

  2. Love the mention of the Sovereign Grant Bill finally passing in the House. This has been a long, long time coming.

  3. Thank you Jkarolewicz, I'm in the U.K. so times for shows are different here. :)

    Alyssia it is wonderful news if William and Kate's first baby is a girl! :)

  4. Im so happy that Kate and Will are having an baby and tears are falling down from my eyes and im just so happy :D

  5. It has not been been confirmed William and Kate are expecting while it's always a possibility until The royal family announce it, It's just a rumour :)

  6. I love this blog! Kate's Alexander McQueen lavender chiffon dress is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! Its so pretty and I am never going to get over how she looks in it!! That is awesome that they are having a baby girl!

  7. Kylie thank you so much and Kate's lavender gown is just stunning, nicer than any gown at the Oscars.

    William and Kate are not expecting yet as far as I know but if they have a girl she will be the first female to inherit the Duchy of Cornwall estate.


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