Saturday, 10 September 2011

'The Kate effect' takes over New York Fashion week and Kate fashion updates!

In the past six months Duchess Kate's style has been causing a sensation. Kate's elegant yet affordable style has become a firm favourite with everyone form Vogue editor Anna Wintour to actress Anne Hathaway. It comes as no surprise that designers at New York fashion week were inspired by the Duchess. Ed Burstell, managing director of Liberty of London said 'Kate's influence will be felt during fashion week. We are in a Kate moment. Everyone wants to look like her, act like her, be her. She is the 'anti-Kardashian' a bracing antithesis to the strident style and manner who look so phony by comparison'.

Jason Wu S/S 2012

Designer Rachel Zoe said 'We are definitely returning to a time when we want things that are more timeless and polished, not looking a mess. The fairytale aspect of fashion is what appeals to Americans, Who doesn't want to see the fairytale come alive'. Tommy Hilfiger confirmed his brand has also being paying close attention to the 29 year old 'We like our women to be dressed up from head to toe. We will be really very studied about how we're putting our outfits together. Catherine will influence all markets'.

Wes Gordon S/S 2012

While Kate's style is adored by the fashion elite it is equally loved by the average woman. Women of all ages from college student to businesswomen want to emulate Kate. Fans of the Duchess are being called 'RepliKates' (Love the name :)) There is a certain mystique about her reminiscent of old Hollywood actresses that simply doesn't exist in Hollywood today. She does not feel the need to make bold fashion statements. One can tell that each piece Kate wears was chosen by her.

Luca Luca S/S 2012
Duchess Kate's pieces come from high street stores such as Zara and Warehouse to designers like Diane Von Furstenburg but most noticeably Kate has chosen Alexander McQueen. From her stunning Sarah Burton wedding gown to the military inspired outfit she wore to Birmingham recently, McQueen is becoming the primary label associated with Kate. I was just looking at the McQueen website and saw some pieces that would look stunning on Kate, Perhaps we will even see her wear them in the future!

Firstly I would love to see Kate wear a red gown to an occasion similar to the BAFTA reception or the ARK gala. In the photo below we see a glimpse of Kate wearing an embellished red dress in 2006. It looks stunning. I have chosen the Knot Front Jersey Gown

Sarah Burton updates the dramatic Alexander McQueen aesthetic with this elegant intense red gown.Cut to drape perfectly front the knotted front to the floor sweeping train. 

I think this Halterneck Chiffon Gown would look amazing on the Duchess with her hair worn up. The backless aspect is definitely not typically Kate's style but with minor adjustments it could be tailored to look more modest yet equally striking.

Work all out glamour for evening in Alexander McQueen's whisper weight silk chiffon halterneck gown. Detailed with a flamboyant feather embellished pelmet and champagne crystal beading.

For daytime functions or when performing Royal duties, I think we could easily see Duchess Kate in any of the dresses below. We have seen her in similar styles numerous times before. I love that these dresses are classic and understated.

Are there any outfits you would love to see Duchess Kate wear or pieces you expect we shall see her wear yet?

In other Kate fashion news, I'm sure you all remember the beautiful camel Reiss shola dress Duchess Kate wore when greeting the Obamas. Interest in the dress caused the Reiss site to crash and the shola sold out within a couple of hours. 

Now Reiss has cleverly re-released the Shola for Autumn/Winter renamed 'Lola'. The Lola dress has a slightly different neckline but is pretty much identical otherwise. It is avialable in lava red and steel blue. I actually prefer the dress in these colours. The dress is described as 
'A move on from the Reiss Shola dress, Lola bandage dress features origami folding and pleating to the front, plus medium weight fabric that skims rather than clings all making Reiss Lola fantastically flattering'.
 Again I wouldn't be surprised if we see Kate wear the Lola. It would look magnificent on her in either colour. Reiss do not mass produce their items so the Lola will easily sell out quite quickly. If you are interested in buying the Lola click Here.

The new Reiss collection is very Kate inspired. When I saw the Viva and Livia dresses on their site I instantly thought of Kate and the Shola dress.


  1. Wow, those dresses are beautiful.... I kinda want them all!

  2. I would simply love to see Kate in one of those McQueen gowns with her hair worn up. It would look stunning.
    I was looking through photos of Diana and she seemed to attend black tie functions etc constantly. I imagine Kate wont be a full time Royal for a couple of years yet. It will be amazing to see her fashion choices then.

    I think the red Reiss Lola is gorgeous. If anyone is interested in it, I would advise snapping it up as Reiss don't mass produce their items. :)

  3. This is a great post - what a lot of research and so cleverlyput together. Kate-influenced fashion looks neat and pretty and such a nice change after years of tarty clothes no-one looks good in!

  4. Thank you very much Mrs. Exeter!
    I'm very interested in Kate's fashion and would like to incorporate into the blog a little more.
    It is refreshing to see more elegant clothes on the runway. Fashion had become quite terrible in recent years.


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