Friday, 2 September 2011

Duchess of Cambridge among the first to try new 'miracle' cream

The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa will be among the first in Britain to sample a new 'miracle' cream. Yes we know all creams claim to be miracle workers but those of us who love beauty products tend to buy into the hype, no matter how nonsensical :) The two have been sent Lancome Visionnaire serum, A new product that has generated waiting lists of thousands.

You might ask what 'miracle' does the Lancome serum offer? Well, It simply claims it is effective at correcting skin imperfections it eradicates the need for botox. At  £57 for a 30ml bottle it contains LR 2412 'a unique multi tasking beauty molecule'. An ambassador for Lancome said Kate and Pippa were sent the product as 'a goodwill gesture'. Selfridges have been selling more than fifty a day since it launched there on a two week trial and House of Fraser now has an exstensive waiting list. 21 year old Harry Potter star Emma Watson is the face of the brand. Despite the staggering response to the serum, Lancome are clearly eager to have Duchess Kate's seal of approval Kate is a huge fan of Lancome. She was spotted purchasing their mascara and Hydra Zen moisturiser in the run up to her wedding. We all know the effect Duchess Kate has had on the fashion industry she simply has to be seen in an item and it's sold out in a matter of hours. Perhaps she will do the same for Lancome! 

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