Monday, 29 August 2011

Duchess Kate signs up for Prince Charles's cause to prevent riots

The Duchess of Cambridge's visit to Birmingham where she met riot victims was hailed as a great success. A source on the day said that Duchess Kate was eager to understand what measures were being taken to ensure these terribly riots come to a speedy end. The visit clearly touched Kate's heart and she is reportedly now considering becoming the patron of a charity working with young people affected by riots around the country. 'Catherine is keen to do what she can to keep young people on the right track. One of the things that she respects most about William's family is their efforts to help people less fortunate than themselves'. A friend of Kate's said.
A spokesman for St James's Palace, where Kate's official office is based said she is putting much thought into her charitable work. 'Since returning from Canada and California, the Duchess has been using the time to research her options for where she can most make a difference for causes close to her heart'. During Kate's visit to Birmingham she met the families of the men killed while trying to protect their homes and businesses. Kate obviously feels this is a charity which needs help now. I would love to see her working with riot victims. Britain has been left shocked and devastated in the wake of these horrific riots and should the Duchess lend her patronage to a charity in their aid it would not only give a morale boost but ensure the charity gets the support it deserves. The Duchess has not been the only Royal who feels compelled to help. Prince Charles has announced his trust will invest £2.5 million to help communities affected by the riots.

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