Friday, 8 July 2011

William and Kate don stetsons for Calgary rodeo

There was much disappointment earlier today when William and Kate arrived at Calgary, Alberta not wearing stetsons.......onlookers hoping for such a fight will not be disappointed as the Royal couple have arrived at the Calgary rodeo dressed in similar attire to 'cowboys'. Attending a Canadian government reception both, The Duke and Duchess are wearing stetsons.  Kate teamed hers with an Alice by Temperly  western detailed shirt, loose fitting jeans and a belt with a large buckle. (I won't deny I thought this reception was a formal affair and we might see an evening gown come out :))
The coupled arrive at the stampede in an old fashioned stagecoach. The rodeo known as 'The greatest show on earth' was a slightly controversial choice for the pair. Duchess Kate was clearly taken by the rodeo riders and whispered to William jokingly 'We should get you in a pair of these chaps'. Again Kate spent much of her time with a little girl as she had done previously yesterday with little Diamond Marshall. Today the press are calling The Duchess, Calamity Kate :)

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