Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kate's waist.........

It was a truly memorable Royal tour for Duchess Kate, They couple accomplished everything they could have possible hoped for. Yet one headline has prevailed since the Royal wedding, The debate about Kate's waist!..........I woke up this morning to read an article in a tabloid newspaper stating that standing next to Kate, Nicole Kidman looked 'dumpy' and in need of a month no the dukan diet. Nicole Kidman is one of the slimmest movie stars out there. Before departing Kate met actress Reese Witherspoon who did look much heavier than Kate in photos. However there are many factors to consider, Kate is 5'10 and enviably toned. 
Carole White, founder of Premier Model Management would put Kate's statistics at 32-24-35. Other spectators think her waist is just 23 inches. Yet those who know her claim she eats sensibly. Paul Sykes, contributing editor at Vogue says people have got it wrong, Kate is simply dressing better. 'It's not necessarily that she is too thin and I don't think she is, It's that expensive well cut clothes make you look taller and thinner. That's the whole point of them. She emphasises her narrowest point- her waist plus she has the advantage of youth'. I'm inclined to agree with this to be honest. Kate is definitely very, very slim but the factor I would be observing is that she looks healthy.Her eyes and skin are glowing, She always looks alert and energetic which simply isn't possible if you are malnourished. What do you think? Like Diana, Kate's weight will always be a topic of discussion for the press. Diana suffered from bulimia and one would swear the tabloids are hoping for the same revelations about Kate. In my opinion that will never happen. She is healthy and taking care of herself. 
The couple have returned to their Anglesey home where William is working towards his captaincy with the RAF. Duchess Kate is said to be settling back into relaxed, married life and choosing carefully which charities she wishes to represent. Hopefully we will see them out and about in the not too distant future! :) 


  1. I would say that Nicole Kidman looks drab. Her dress (colour and cut) isn't flattering and her hair colour doesn't suit her. It's make her face look very sallow. I wish she'd let her ravishingly curly hair show itself. And yes, Kate looks the picture of health and vitality. She is thinner though compared to her university days.

  2. I agree with you completely CJ, While at St. Andrew's University Kate had a much fuller figure, I'm sure she feels the pressure to stay slim but I do think she has a steady head on her shoulders and wouldn't allow herself to become unwell.

    I love Nicole's hair curly too! :)

  3. to be fair, both nicole and reese are btwn movies, and post-children - not to mention several years older. they've both put on a little weight, but they are certainly not dumpy!

    i'd like to see her back to her pre-wedding weight. her face looks a little gaunt, esp when she smiles - she's lost her pretty cheeks!

  4. I think she is fine. Yes she is thin but her arms and legs both look toned, not skeletal. Her breast bones do peek from time to time but I think once she has a child or two she will find an ideal weight.

  5. Brea and Alpa, You both make a good point. After Kate has children her figure will inevitably change. My only issue is the media trying to insinuate she has an eating disorder and starves herself, which is sending out the wrong message to many young women who look up to her.
    Do any of you recall Nicole Richie at her skinniest? I thought she looked seriously unhealthy http://www.hollywoodgrind.com/images/2007/5/nicole-richie-skinny.jpg
    whereas Kate doesn't.


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