Friday, 8 July 2011

The Defining moment of the Royal tour takes place as Kate makes a little girls wish come true

The defining moment of the tour! 
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have finally arrived  at the Calgary International Airport. Sadly Alberta is the final destination of the Canadian tour before California (What will we do without our daily updates about the Duchess? :)) However, I'm sure they plan to finish it in style. Duchess Kate looks beautiful in a primrose Jenny Packham dress, We waited to see her in something bright and vibrant and here it is! It has a full skirt and short sleeves. She is struggling with it a little due to the wind :) She teamed it with LK Bennett shoes. while William is wearing his traditional navy suit. The locals are somewhat disappinted that they didn't wear the stetsons they were given.....

On arrival a little girl rushed to hug Kate, Six year old Diamond Marshall who wrote a letter from her hospital bed writing about her wish to meet a real princess had her wish come true when she handed the Duchess flowers and she bent down to hug her, a very sweet moment. Despite the conditions and surrounding camera one could tell that Duchess Kate wanted this moment to be special for Diamond and that's really why we love her, It was a touching, heartbreaking scene and the defining moment of the tour for me. The couple will take part in the traditional white hat ceremony at the airport first, then onto a tour of the University of Calgary Ward of the 21st century research and innovation centre. For their last event of the evening the couple will be guests of honour at a reception where the Prime Minister expresses his gratitude for their support.


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog! Thank you so much for the time you take to follow the activities of Princess Kate and Prince William, it is so appreciated.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Mona, I love following the news and style of Duchess Kate. Blogging is very enjoyable if you find a subject you are interested in.

    Thanks for visiting the blog! :)

  3. I concur!!! Your blog is amazing, perfect and most of all respectful and sincere. You express our admiration for Kate so beautifully. I found your blog with sheer luck searching for the romantic firework picture of the couple, when the official Canadian...Tour Flickr account took it down. I send my Thanks!!!
    -A fan from California

  4. Thank you Nicole B. I really write it for people like yourself who like Kate. In the British press an article about her is usually followed by very unkind comments and I don't think there is any need for such hostility. Duchess Kate is a credit to the royal family and definitely our new people's princess.

    You must be looking forward to seeing them in California...........I'm particularly excited about the BAFTA event, Will cover it on the blog as much as possible. :) Thanks again, your comments are greatly appreciated.


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