Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Could the 29th Be a Double Celebration? Latest from the Lindo Wing & More

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The weekend has passed and Monday is drawing to a close (you see where I'm going with this :)) and yes, there's still no sign of the arrival of Baby Cambridge.

It is very much believed the Duchess is now up to several days overdue and it is believed William and Kate have now discussed the possibility of being induced, particularly if she is feeling uncomfortable. However, it is thought they could wait up to two weeks after the due date to induce the Duchess.

More from the Telegraph's story:

'The Duchess of Cambridge is as many as four days overdue with her second child, raising the possibility that her labour may be induced in the next week. Several reports have suggested that the Duchess's due date was on Saturday, but Whitehall sources have told The Telegraph they were briefed that the due date was actually Thursday, April 23.'

The article continues to quote a source whose children were born at the Lindo Wing:

'The doctors don’t normally wait for more than a week. They will probably already have been in touch with Kate and talked about which day would suit her best to go in and be induced if the baby doesn’t arrive in the next couple of days.'

I thought it a particularly informative article, written by Gordon Rayner, as he spoke to a consultant obstetrician and spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Pat O Brien, who shared his views:

'We tend not to leave it more than two weeks after the due date, but most mothers are getting pretty fed up once they go a week past their due date. There are other considerations that come into play – if it’s a big baby it’s sometimes better to induce before it gets any bigger. The mother will normally have a scan on or around the due date to make sure the baby is fine and it’s safe to press on a bit longer.'

Royal reporter Emily Andrews shared her view via Twitter.

Emily Andrews Twitter Feed

Indeed, many royal watchers are now hoping the royal baby arrives on 29 April - William and Kate's fourth wedding anniversary. It would make the 29th an even more special date on the calendar for the Cambridges :)

One member of the Royal family who will undoubtedly be disappointed the baby didn't arrive over the weekend will be Prince Harry. The Prince had briefly returned at the weekend to hand out prizes at the London marathon after undertaking engagements in Turkey to mark the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign.  He returns to Australia tonight, where he is on a placement with the army. This official photo from  Harry's secondment in Australia is too good not to share!

As we know, William, Kate and George are all at Kensington Palace where by all accounts it seems Kate is in very good spirits. On Friday, the couple had close friends Guy Pelly and his wife Elizabeth Wilson over for tea.

Carole Middleton has been spotted coming and going in recent days, too.


What have the Cambridges been up to over the past week? Prince William made an official appearance at the Cenotaph on Saturday, joining Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh to commemorate the centenary of the WWI Gallipoli landings and ANZAC campaigns.


Last week, the Prince was spotted enjoying a shopping spree in Chelsea department store Peter Jones.William purchased £800 of men's clothing including jeans and jumpers. There's been many a comment on William's fashion sense, and perhaps we'll see him sporting some trendier looks? :)

And last Monday, the Duchess spent time shopping at Zara Home where she purchased furnishing accessories, as well as new items for Prince George. 

More from People's story:

'"She looked so calm – you couldn't really tell that she was pregnant because she looked so great; I mean, she was wearing heels," the sales assistant who served Kate tells PEOPLE, adding, "She was so nice and polite, I was really impressed."

Browsing the store alone for 45 minutes, Kate bought some salad servers, a plain doormat and some dark blue bath towels with rope-print detailing. "She was really interested in the blue sailor-themed display where she got the towels from before she went down to kidswear," says the staffer.'

Kate wore a blue and white top, jeans and a pair of her favourite wedges.


Meanwhile, at the Lindo Wing it's all relatively quiet, with the exception of reporters and photographers checking their positions and eager royal fans waiting for the arrival. Royal lookalikes Heidi Agan and Simon Watkinson paid a visit to St Mary's where they posed for photos and gave interviews.

A group of men dressed as bananas strolled by...

Ben Lewis Twitter Feed

Over all it's very much a calm scene. David Wilkinson shared this photo from the Lindo Wing.

David Wilkinson CNN


In fashion news, Kate's very popular ASOS Maternity Wrap Skater Dress is back in stock in limited sizes. Keep an eye on the page if you're interested in purchasing one, as various sizes appear to be available for short spaces of time.


We hope to see you very soon! :)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Kate & George Enjoy Visit to Bucklebury Farm Park & Prince William Takes Paternity Leave!

We're back with a brief post covering a surprise Kate and Prince George appearance along with the latest royal baby news!

As many of our friends across the pond will have seen, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George featured on the cover of yesterday's NY Daily News. Additional photos can be viewed here.

NY Daily News

The newspaper reports the snaps were taken at a "London park". I've been told they were taken on Sunday, when Kate took Prince George to Bucklebury Farm Park. Before returning to London, ahead of the arrival of the royal baby, the Duchess spent much of last week with her family relaxing and enjoying quality time with her parents.

More from Us Magazine:

'Just this past weekend, Middleton visited her hometown of Bucklebury to see mother Carole and father Michael, and Prince George tagged along.
 On Sunday, April 19, the Duchess took her son to Bucklebury Farm, where a local says the little tot had so much fun. "She had a protection officer with her and another woman, who didn’t look like Carole," the eyewitness tells Us. "George was in a cute jacket and was having the time of his life, if those giggles were anything to go by."'

Kate and Prince George have become incredibly fond of visiting the local farm park during their their trips to Bucklebury. Indeed, the residents of the leafy village have always been very protective of William and Kate and last November banned 'unauthorized photographs' (I believe Sunday's photograph was taken in the car park) on the premises to protect its royal visitors.

Bucklebury Farm Park

Below we see Kate and George there last summer.

Elou 71 Twitter Feed

The little Prince clearly adores the outdoors like his parents. Earlier this month, he and Kate were photographed at Snettisham Park near Anmer Hall. The entire set of photos are now available to view at the OK! website.

New Idea Magazine / The British Monarchy Heir Facebook Page

The Duchess wore her trusty Barbour Linhope jacket - a piece she's had as far back as 2009 (with thanks to Kate & Pippa Style for the speedy ID).

NY Daily News

Kate's maternity jeans are thought to be her Topshop Leigh Jeans, a pair she sported during her first pregnancy with Prince George. They're available in a number of washes at Topshop and Nordstrom for £46.  J Crew maternity jeans have also been suggested as another possibility.

Topshop Leigh

It looks like Kate also wore her Mint Velvet 'Bibi' Plimsolls.

Mint Velvet

As for Prince George, he wore a gorgeous tweed jacket with a pair of £46 Baby Boy Dungarees by Petit Bateau. His shoes appear to be the Start-Rite Flexy-Soft Air boys shoes, available for £40. (With thanks to Prince George Pieces).

Petite Bateau / Start-Rite

It looks like Kate and George enjoyed another enjoyable outing at the park, and my hasn't George grown?


In royal baby news, despite news reports to the contrary, Prince William will not face a dash to the Lindo Wing to be by Kate's side. The Prince has finished the latest stage of his training early and is now on maternity leave until 1 June.

More from the Mail Online's story:

'A royal spokesman announced that the second in line to the throne had completed his latest stage of his training as a pilot with East Anglia Air Ambulance (EAAA) ‘earlier than expected’ - and would not be required to embark on the final stage until June 1.
 The future king had already announced that he planned to take two weeks’ statutory paternity leave after the birth.'

The Cambridges are all now at Kensington Palace, awaiting the big arrival. There's been quite a bit of activity at the Lindo Wing too, with last minute security checks taking place. Rebecca English reported "officers were out in force, pulling lamp posts apart as they scoured the area for anything troubling".

As you can see excitement is mounting at the Lindo Wing...

Any day now... :)

Monday, 20 April 2015

Royal Baby Fever & A Fug-Tastic Giveaway!

Hello, dear readers, we hope you all had a splendid weekend!

It's now the 20th of April and royal baby fever is firmly upon us! On an engagement in March the Duchess of Cambridge confirmed her second child was due "mid-late April" meaning the arrival could be any day now (While it has been repeatedly suggested the actual due date is around the 25th we all know it's really unpredictable.).  I've noticed excitement has been building considerably in recent days as royal fans around the globe wait in anticipation.

Signs the birth is imminent were evident at the hospital during the week as security barriers were put up in preparation for the world's media and positions for photographers, reporters and camera crews were allocated.

Parking restrictions were put in place reading "Parking Suspended from 15 April to 30 April" citing a "special event" as the reason.

BBC Peter Hunt

Dedicated royal fans outside the hospital in good spirits as they wait for the news.

While the media are not permitted to wait outside the hospital this time, there has been quite a presence outside Kensington Palace where reporters are preparing their offerings on the big event. CNN's Max Foster shared a photo of the "media machine firing up".

Max Foster CNN Twitter Feed

Speaking of preparations, I've been putting some thought into how best to cover the birth once the Palace officially announces the Duchess has been admitted. Do you all recall the Live Blog we had when Kate went into labour with Prince George? I think it might be most prudent to cover it that way again, as there are endless updates, photos of visitors, updates from the Palace, etc. to share. I'd like to cover it in the most timely fashion possible and think this is the most suitable option.

Let me know what you think!


As expected, a plethora of articles surrounding the royal arrival have been circulating across all various news outlets. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting ones. We begin with an update on bets on the royal baby being named 'Princess Alice' from the Telegraph:

'The Duchess of Cambridge will give birth to a blonde daughter called Alice on Monday, according to the instincts of the British betting public.
 Despite the seeming impossibility of anyone knowing the name, so much money has been placed on Alice that the odds with the bookmaker Ladbrokes are as short as 5/4 – little more than even money, despite there being thousands of possibilities.
 Jessica Bridge, the company’s spokesman said: “The support for Alice is starting to get silly now, but we’ve been left with no option but to cut the odds as punters relentlessly back the girl/Alice combination.” Two people have bet more than £2,000 each on the baby being a girl, helping to shift the odds to 8/15 for a girl, with a boy now an 11/8 shot.'

The Telegraph also has an interesting article from Ingrid Seward, focusing on the vital role Carole Middleton will play in the coming months.

'What is certain is that she has been a godsend to her daughter and son-in-law over the last 21 months, as a hands-on grandmother to Prince George, and that she is all set to help when baby number two arrives.
 In the early weeks following George’s arrival in July 2013, I have no doubt that Carole will have taken George off his parents’ hands from time to time to give them a chance to sleep; she will have helped them establish a routine with him; and reassured them each time he will have screamed for no apparent reason – and kept on screaming, spurning every effort to calm him.
 As he has grown older, she will have been the one with the time and patience to play the same repetitive games to make him laugh, to read him the same story again and again, to sit on the floor with a jigsaw puzzle and to take his hand as he tottered round the garden. They will have drawn and painted together and might even have done a bit of cooking.'

People reports from Kate's home town of Bucklebury.

'"The excitement is bubbling away, but Bucklebury is just as sleepy as ever," says local shop owner Lynda Tillotson. "Nothing really changes here. In fact, just about the only sign that a famous new member of their tight-knit country community is about to arrive is the sudden appearance of some die-hard royal fans. 
 "The real royalists and the people who get really excited have started to come into the village," adds Tillotson, mirroring the gathering at the London hospital where Kate, 33, will give birth. "They are beside themselves in anticipation. So you could say the official countdown has started!"'

For Prince George's pram, Kate stuck with royal tradition choosing a Silver Cross pram for her son back in 2013. With the guidance of her mum Carole, Kate asked for specific features to be included in her son's pram, and the item, which costs approximately £1,600, was made to her exact needs. One of the extra add-ons that the Middletons requested was an insect net, which has now become a standard feature across all Silver Cross prams. More from Hello!'s article:

'"The Duchess of Cambridge is certainly helping us with our product development," said Nick Paxton, CEO of the brand.
 When asked whether it was nerve-racking to design the future king's pram, Nick said: "It is, it is, it's a huge honour. Safety is a top concern in all of our products but obviously for a future monarch. It was made in the same manner as all of our products, it was just made with that extra special ingredient for an special extra customer."'

You can see CNN's Erin McLaughlin taking a look at the prams in this video.

CNN Erin McLaughlin

I found it a thoroughly enjoyable watch!


In fashion news, I was most surprised to see news of a collaboration between one of Kate's favourite designers, Alice Temperley, and... the Kardashians (with thanks to What Kate Wore).

The Mirror

More from the Mirror's story:

'A source close to Kris, 59, told the Sunday People: “The older girls, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, have their own shop but Kendall and Kylie don’t. This is a chance to get a range out with the credibility of someone like Alice to design it.
 “Alice is one of the finest British designers and Kris’ friend. She is over the moon this partnership has worked out, she couldn’t stop smiling after the meeting. Temperley met Kris at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood to show her ­designs and talk about who would style the girls."'

I thought the story somewhat questionable until Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner posted a photo on Instagram of herself with the British designer.

Kris Jenner Instagram

What surprises me about this news is how Alice Temperley's whimsical, feminine designs are not at all in keeping with the edgier looks we see Kim Kardashian and her family sporting. One wonders what type of garments will be produced, and what sartorial "comprises" will be made on both sides. Alice has established herself as a go-to designer, not only for Kate, but for Hollywood's elite. In terms of perception and the brand's look, one wonders where this collaboration will lead.

UPDATE: Temperley London has confirmed the reports are "categorically untrue" (with thanks to What Kate Wore.

Looking through the current collection, we see some stellar possibilities for Kate. Below we look at the Checked Linen and Cotton Blend Trench Coat, one of the first looks to grace the label's Spring 2015 runway. It's a versatile, stylish piece also available in powder-crepe blue.


The Novah Quilted Satin and Crepe Coat is an outstanding piece. It is described as a coat "that will flatter every figure - the full, pleated skirt creates the illusion of a smaller waist." Panels of crepe at the sleeves and back add structure and definition to the piece.


I expect the 'Novah' may be an updated version of the 'Noa' coat Kate owns. There are some definite similarities.

As always, there are endless gorgeous gowns available. A cursory look at the Floor-length Silk Embellished Gown, the Ariel Lace Gown - an opulent gold piece, and the beautiful icy-blue Klara Embellished Gown.



Next, we have a Fug-Tastic Giveaway to share with you. The terrifically talented Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks from the enormously entertaining Go Fug Yourself website have released a fabulous novel titled The Royal We.

The Royal We

Inspired by our favourite royals, William, Kate and Harry, the story offers a new twist on the royal love story and characters you will come to love as you go through the pages. As one would expect from Heather and Jessica, it's enthralling, witty and a real treat for royal lovers. The book is available at a selection of retailers including Amazon.

More from the description:

'"I might be Cinderella today, but I dread who they'll think I am tomorrow. I guess it depends on what I do next." American Rebecca (Bex) Porter was never one for fairy tales. Her twin sister, Lacey, has always been the romantic who fantasized about glamour and royalty, fame and fortune.
 Yet it's Bex who seeks adventure at Oxford and finds herself living down the hall from Prince Nicholas, Great Britain's future king. And when Bex can't resist falling for Nick, the person behind the prince, it propels her into a world she did not expect to inhabit, under a spotlight she is not prepared to face. Dating Nick immerses Bex in ritzy society, dazzling ski trips, and dinners at Kensington Palace with him and his charming, troublesome brother, Freddie.'

We have one signed copy of the book to giveaway. It is open internationally. To enter, simply leave a comment and let us know the name of your favourite royal/fairytale book! We wish Heather and Jessica every success with the book, I know I very much enjoyed every word!


Following a few days in Bucklebury, Kate is now at Kensington Palace as she, William and George anxiously await the arrival of the newest addition to their family. Our favourite photographer James Whatling took a beautiful photo of the Palace last week; it looks incredible at this time of year.

Perhaps the next time we see you, we'll have some very big news to share :)